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Data Loss Prevention

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Tips & Tricks for Data Loss Prevention

We believe that the first step to data loss prevention is to be vigilant. While we are capable of recovering your information in the event of a failure, we would much rather you not experience the failure in the first place.

Below are a number of helpful tips, tricks, and informational articles about the data recovery process and ways to minimize your odds of becoming a data recovery customer.


Back that thing up!

Perform regular backups of your data. Often referred to as "fire drills," regular backups of your data are the first step when you are looking to prevent data loss.

Be sure to backup your data separate disk location. Saving both sets of the same data in the same physical place defeats the purpose in the case that that physical place were to be somehow inaccessible or destroyed.

Backup your data then verify your backups regularly.

Keep one copy of your data at a different location.

Keep electronics in A Safe Place

Store your electronics in low traffic, dry, dust-free locations safe environment free from preventable hazards to avoid unnecessary damage that could result in data loss. Ensure proper ventilation away from direct sunlight, rain, or humidity. If your device is cold, give it a bit to warm up before powering it on. Leave enough space around your equipment to allow for proper circulation and avoid overheating.

Anti virus software

Viruses can inconspicuously modify or delete your data. Prevent data loss by installing a powerful and efficient anti virus. Then, set a reminder to perform regular updates on your antivirus.

We recommend Symantic Endpoint Protection. Endpoint is ACTIVE antivirus protection. Symantec Endpoint is hands-down the best security your computer can have. It is even more effective when paired with Secure Updater.

Disk Maintenance

Use Disk Cleanup to delete temporary and unnecessary files on a regular basis. This frees up space on your drive, allowing for maximum capacity.

Disk defragmentation is another important maintenance routine. It helps by consolidating files to free up space on your hard drive.

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Listen For Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive failure can be prevented or minimized with due diligence. Listen for strange noises coming from your drive. Backup your drive IMMEDIATELY upon hearing anything concerning.

In case of unusual noises from your equipment, turn off your device and contact us immediately. Either complete the form or call 402-934-9423.

Watch for hard drive failure

If you ever notice that the hard drive indicator light on your hard drive is blinking amber, recognize this as a sign of disk failure.

Always Power Off Your Device Before Moving It

Only move your device when it is powered off. This prevents any unnecessary data loss from physical damage.

Use An UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

An uninterruptible power supply protects your devices from power spikes, blackouts, and other power issues.