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Data Recovery Process

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DRT’s prices are lower than those of our competitors because we process devices in a first-in first out (FIFO) system. If you recovery is extremely time sensitive, DRT also offers rush recovery options. If you must have your data within a specified time frame, we can apply rush processing to your recovery and pair that with an electronic delivery option. In these scenarios you could have your data in as little as 24 hours form the time you ship the drive to us.

We offer significant discounts to 501c3 charities and individuals who are suffering from the effects of a natural disaster. We have recovered data from water damaged, tornado damaged, and fire damaged devices. If you are representing a 501c3 charity or are the victim of a natural disaster, please tell us when you call and we will apply a significant discount to your recovery.

Data Recovery Technicians believes in delivering the services we promise for the price we quote. The only service we charge for are the recovery process its self, any media you elect to purchase for data delivery, and any applicable rush processing fees. There are never any clean room charges, replacement component charges, over time charges, or any other type of hidden charge that is not disclosed before you send your device in for recovery.

How We Deliver Your Data To You

Once DRT has recovered your data, we have several options you can choose from to get your data back into your hands.

You can choose to:

Provide your own replacement data when you drop off your device.

Purchase replacement data from us.

Have your critical files burnt to DVD or CD.

Select our electronic delivery option to have your data emailed to you the instant it is recovered.