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Deleted files are moved to the recycle bin on PCs and to the trash on Macs. All files remain in those folders until the folders are manually deleted.

Once those folders are emptied, the files still remain on your hard drive and can be accessed with the right tools.

If you already emptied your recycle bin, there is still one more alternative before calling the experts.

  • Open 'Control Panel' on your PC
  • Find 'System and Maintenance > Backup and Restore'
  • Click 'Restore My Files'

You will undoubtedly lose files after a "hard reset" or "factory reset".

The factory reset process is as follows:

  • Reformat C drive
  • Restore the system with a backup
  • Restart after restore

This process will remove post-install programs, applications, documents, pictures, music, games and movies.

At that point, you need to contact your local data recovery team for assistance.

  • Plug in USB flash drive
  • Launch Run Program (Windows + 'R')
  • Launch Command Prompt (Type "cmd" and hit 'Enter')
  • Type "chkdsk [Insert Drive Letter]: /f" and hit 'Enter'
  • Type "Y" and hit 'Enter'
  • Type your drive letter and hit 'Enter' again
  • Type [Drive letter]:>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* and hit 'Enter'
  • Wait for Process to Complete

After Completion, you will find your deleted files in a new folder on your USB drive. You can change the file extension back to a normal format.