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Common Signs of Data Corruption in USB Flash Drives/SD Cards/Micro SD Cards

  1. Black Screen with the error message “SD Card is Not Accessible. The file or directory is corrupt or unreadable.”
  2. Your photos appear to be missing from your device.
  3. You can see your data in your camera and system but cannot copy the contents. This will often come with an error stating that the disk itself is “write-protected.”
  4. When attempting to read your card, folders do not appear or cannot be opened. A read/write error may occur.
  5. Your PC can recognize your SD card but cannot see any stored data. The corresponding error often reads “SD Card is not formatted.”
  6. Errors such as “Memory card error” or “Corrupt memory card.”
  7. Click “Check Now”
  8. Select “Automatically fix file system errors”
  9. Select “Scan for and attempt recovery for bad sectors”

Cameras collect memories. And, we know the importance of the data on your SD card. We also know the panic that comes with losing your data. But, before you panic, here are a few ways to check if your data can be recovered.

diy troubleshooting

1. First, try to connect your memory card to another device. This can help troubleshoot any incompatibility or driver-related issues.

If your SD card is still not working, Windows offers a feature called CHKDSK that enables you to analyze a selected drive for errors and then repairs then automatically.

memory card data recovery chkdsk
Perform chkdsk command.
  1. Open Command Prompt (Windows key + X then click “Command Prompt-Admin”
  2. Type “chkdsk” [space] then the name of your drive.
  3. Press Enter


  1. Open File Expolorer (Windows key + E then click “This PC”
  2. Right-click to select the drive
  3. Select “Properties”
  4. Select the “Tools” tab
  5. Click “Check” under “Error Checking”
Then, allow CHKDSK to scan the disk for damages and let you know of any found.

2. Update drivers from Device Manager.

memory card data recovery device manager
  1. Open “Control Panel”
  2. Select “Device Manager”
  3. Right-click the drive
  4. Select “Properties”
  5. Navigate to the Driver tab
  6. Click “Update Driver”
  7. Choose to “Search automatically for updated driver software”

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