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Local Engineers Who Understand Your data recovery Situation

Free data recovery evaluations allow you to thoroughly understand what our specialists discovered in their initial exploration of your device. You will also be provided an overview of what the recovery process will look like.

Data recovery can be as simple as finding an accidentally deleted file or as complicated as repairing a failed device.

Our Data Recovery specialists know that every data recovery situation is different. When you need your data fast, Schrock can deliver results as soon as the same day in many cases.

If recovery cost is your primary concern, we can provide the most cost effective recovery options and even finance your data recovery in monthly installments.

We are located in our Omaha, NE Service Center. So, if you need an update on your recovery, a detailed explanation, or help getting your recovered data working on your new device, you can talk to the same people who performed your recovery any time.

Empathetic Customer Service

We understand how important your data is to you. And, we know the panic that comes when the unthinkable happens. That’s why we’re dedicated to successfully recovering your data.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

We take great pride that our facilities are located in the United States and are staffed by US specialists. DRT has been recovering data from hard drives, flash memory devices, floppy disks, and digital camera cards since 1999 with a success rate that exceeds 92%.

Free Data Recovery Evaluations

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    We have been recovering data from devices since 1999 and has a success rate over 92%. Our state-of-the art data recovery equipment, software, and clean room are examples of our commitment to recovering your important data.

    Our specialists are highly trained and constantly learning the latest recovery techniques at conferences around the world. We take each recovery as a personal challenge and treat your data as if it was their own.

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    customer reviews

    Unbelievable service! My laptop slipped off my desk and the flash drive holding files for my PhD courses was in the USB port, the impact of the hit was right at my flash drive- it was broken into 3 pieces. Dillon was so kind and recommended Data Recovery Services - Thor was able to fix it and get the data for me within 1 business day! Thank you so much for taking time and trying extra hard to get the data. Your patience and professionalism was outstanding!
    Natalie Mondolfo
    PhD Student
    Window World of Omaha has relied on Schrock Innovations for years whenever we need help with computer hardware and software issues, as well as other miscellaneous IT trouble spots. Regardless of which location takes on the job, the techs are always great people first, and knowledgeable professionals as a close second place. We haven't had an issue yet that they couldn't handle. When we need something repaired, we want professionals to handle that ticket - people who have a specialized skill set and training and are proficient in what they do - rather than someone who got pulled from the retail sales floor of a big box store to help fill in at the IT desk. With Schrock Innovations, you're always going to get expert help with your problem. Thanks for being a trusted go-to for us at Window World!​